Premium and the FOCA dLogbook

For both Premium and the FOCA dLogbook a paper logbook is not needed anymore. Read more created the FOCA dLogbook for Swiss pilots

The FOCA dLogbook was created by on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) to give you the possibility to record your flights without having to use a paper logbook anymore. With Premium we build on top of that premise to give you a true paperless experience. Premium


The prices of Premium can be found here. These subscriptions are purchased within the tool via Twint, Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

What it does Premium goes beyond the FOCA dLogbook and additionally offers complete currency monitor, automatic data import, analytics, rating tracking, and many more. Automatically benefit from all future updates that are continuously developed based on the wishes of the user community.

The FOCA dLogbook


The FOCA dLogbook costs 30 CHF for three years. If you do not actively cancel it, your access will be prolonged automatically for another three years (at the same cost). The invoice will be sent to you by the FOCA.

What it does

The FOCA dLogbook covers the minimum requirements for electronic recording of flight time and allows you to submit documents electronically from within the tool to the FOCA. SEP Land Revalidation is fully automated and going to the Airport Authority is not required anymore.

There will not be any updates with new features for the FOCA dLogbook.

I do already have a FOCA dLogbook account

If you have already signed up at the FOCA dLogbook, you can directly log in with your dLogbook username and password to activate your free 30-day Premium trial.

No credit card required.

I do not have an account yet

Activate both your Premium free 30-days trial and the FOCA dLogbook. You will automatically be asked for your CH.FCL licence number directly after sign up.

No credit card required.

Important: For users of Premium we do offer data import from electronic sources for free and digitalization from paper sources at a charge.
FOCA dLogbook Premium
Export all data, delete account
Submit documents to FOCA
Basic functions
No more paper logbook needed
EASA compliant features
Error free and complete data guaranteed
Advanced automation-features
Currency monitor
Licence and rating tracking
Free import of electronical data
Visual logbook and licence
Continuous development of features
Price per year
10 CHF
84 CHF