What is the Auto-Import?

Auto-Import is a feature that automates the process of entering flight data into the digital pilot logbook.

This eliminates the need for manual data entry and saves pilots time by importing flight information from reservation, OPS, or CAMO systems used by aviation organizations.

The feature ensures that the imported data meets the high data quality standards set by

Want to connect your system to

Reach out to us if your flight school, club, or company has not yet set up an Auto-Import with us. Our objective is to provide an Auto-Import solution for every stage of your aviation journey. We offer a range of established APIs that offer the high-quality validation, documentation, and performance that we are recognized for.

Which Auto-Imports are currently available?

Is your flight school, club, company or airline not yet included?

Just get in touch with us. It is quite possible that we have already begun the integration process, and if not, we will gladly reach out to your flight school, club, company, or airline to make it happen.