How to import your flight data into

Easy guide to help you

We have created a simple guide to help you decide how to import your flight data from your existing logbook into

This guide is suitable for any existing logbook:

  • Paper logbook
  • Digital logbook
  • Spreadsheet

Follow our decision tree and find out how to import your existing flight data into

Download the guide here

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about and its functionalities?

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Will you import the data for me?

Yes, we can. Depending on the quality of your data, we can even do this for free.

Can you import data from paper logbooks?

Yes, we can. We have a paid service to import your data correctly.

Will my data improve when I import it?

Most likely yes. We only import data with a high quality standard and ensure this quality when importing your data into It is very rare that the data is already in the best condition before import.

Is it also possible to export my data from

Yes. You can export all your flight data at any time.

Can I import my data automatically from my airline, operator or flight school?

Yes. Provided we have an integration to your employer, club or flight school, we can easily synchronize your flight data automatically without your active involvement.

Is it possible to use initial values?

Yes, when you start using you can set initial values as your flight data baseline.