Automatically synced
  • Fully protected servers in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Secure and independent. No iCloud, OneDrive or other "Big Tech".
  • Complete offline copy of all data on each device.
Reliable convenience
  • Single page flight entry
  • Always correct data
  • Officially certified acc. FCL.050

Features for a better recording of the flight experience

With single-page flight entry, offline use, and easy navigation, you can quickly record all your flights and FSTD sessions across airplane, helicopter, and sailplane categories.

You get the powerhouse of digital pilot logbooks with over 60 features.

Download capzlog.aero today and take your pilot career to new heights

Single page flight entry

The capzlog.aero mobile app offers a single-page flight entry that works fully offline.

All audited validation rules are fully implemented, ensuring the data quality you have come to expect.

Colour-coded icons help you quickly locate default, edited, missing or incorrect fields.

Quickly add your flights and FSTD sessions for the airplane, helicopter and sailplane categories.

All logbooks in one account

Includes fully covered, dedicated logbooks for aeroplane, helicopter and glider categories.

Whether you fly in one category or several, with us you will never be limited in this respect.

EASA-compliant distinction between flights in real aircraft (A/C) or simulators (FSTD).

Only officially approved digital pilot logbook software

The digital pilot logbook of capzlog.aero is the first ever officially approved solution according to EASA AMC Part-FCL.050.

capzlog.aero is well established and designed for pilots in civil aviation.

It leverages the highest data standards for the recording of pilot experience on FSTD and aircraft.