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Sailplane Pilot License Recency: SPL, FI, PAX

With EASA Part-SFCL, glider pilots need to monitor multiple recency requirements. Sailplanes SPL holders shall exercise SPL privileges only if in the last 24 months before the planned flight they completed, at least five hours of flight time as PIC or flying dual or solo under the supervision of an FI(S), including at least 15 launches and two training flights with an FI(S) (or passed a prof check).

Glider in the air in front of snowy mountains
  • SPL recency according to SFCL.160 with five hours of flight time, 15 launches and two training flights.
  • The rolling recency requirements for Flight Instructors SFCL.360 including refresher training (3y) and a demonstration flight (9y).
  • Recency for carrying PAX as well as for the TMG Extension according to SFCL.160 (e) (1 & 2).

Launch Methods

In order to maintain the privileges for each launching method, SPL holders shall complete a minimum of five launches during the last two years, except for bungee launch, in which case they shall complete only two launches.

Glider standing on grass ground front view
  • All launch methods aerotow, car, winch, self and bungee are supported.
  • Both the number of launches as well as the acquisition of new launching methods is supported.
  • In the case of self-launch, launches may be done in self-launch or through take-offs in TMGs or a combination of these.

Celebrate the acquisition of new launch methods directly with its flight marker and have the associated recency displayed automatically from now on.

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