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Our automated systems allow you to record correct flight data.

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Our automation system gives you more time to focus on being in the air.

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All EASA regulations are fulfilled and improved with our standard.

The only pilot logbook you'll need helps you record flight time on all stages of your career as a pilot. You are a student on your way to a PPL (Private Pilot Licence), an experienced captain on commercial flights or a senior examiner? We are with you on every step.

We build our electronic logbook for you to log complete flight and simulator (FSTD) data. Many features, like intelligent exports or digital signatures, are designed to make your examinations a breeze. Visit our Features

Ramp checks or licence requests are as easy as they can be when you log your flight time with What nobody else does: Our pilot logbook guarantees error free and reliable data. cockpit
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Let your logbook do the heavy lifting

We streamlined the process to record flight time. Logbook categories, such as SE/ME, SP/MP or night times are automatically calculated. Adding new flights has never been easier, it’s time to focus on the good!

Our Auto-Import function fetches data from your flight school or airline operator without you having to lift a finger. Is your organization not in our supported list yet? Let us know, we are constantly looking to expand our network.

The inconvenient evaluation of requirements for licence endorsements such as initial, revalidation or renewal requests is completely automated. Calculation of required total hours and landings for class/type ratings are part of our venture to complete automation.

In addition, with your data is always aligned with the EASA framework (Part-FCL, Part-SPL and Part-BPL).

Includes the first EASA member state approved pilot logbook meets all EASA recommendations to set new standards for electronic logbooks. On top, we added advanced mechanisms to ensure your data is correct, complete and trustworthy at any time.

We are working closely with EASA member states and take part in shaping the future laws regarding electronic logbooks for pilots. Turn into a digital pioneer and participate in forming the history of flight time recording.

Safely access your data from any device with an internet browser. We store and process your logbook in certified Swiss Data Centres to make sure your data is safe and protected. Regular backups to different locations ensure no loss of data.

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Thierry Spichtin


Head of Flight School Basel

The automated revalidation of class ratings saves me and my students a lot of time is the perfect solution for before and after flying!

Everyday, you have a great overview of my "Currency" of the various ratings. The automated revalidation of class ratings saves me and my students a lot of time thanks to intuitive operation and high performance.

The FOCA forms are now integrated as well and are automatically filled and digitally signed within seconds.

Combined with our FLAIR reservation system, it is a great solution for all pilots at the flight school. I look forward to further developments.

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