Explanation of Terms

There are many terms that you will come across again and again in the course of your career as a pilot. Especially during training, the many abbreviations and technical terms can be confusing. In the capzlog.aero Academy's explanation of terms, you will find the right answers and interesting background information quickly and easily.

License Request

For the acquisition (Initial), the extension of still valid (Revalidation) and the reactivation of expired (Renewal) licence entries an interaction with the competent authorities is necessary.

EASA Part-FCL Pilot Licence

EASA Part-FCL pilot licences are issued by the competent authorities of the EASA Member States and entitle the holder to fly certain aircraft under certain conditions. The different types of pilot licences are: LAPL, PPL, CPL, ATPL, MPL, SPL, BPL.

Flight Time

There are a number of terms around flight time that can lead to confusion for various reasons. Learn more about Flight Time, Block Time, Hobbs Time, Airborne Time and Rotor Turning Time.

License Endorsement

The various privileges, ratings and limitations are entered in the pilot licence. A licence endorsement may, among other things, entitle the holder to fly certain classes or types of aircraft or under certain conditions.

Flight Simulation Training Devices

Especially for training on highly complex aircraft types, which would be very cost-intensive and to some extent unsafe on the aircraft itself, «synthetic flight training devices», «flight simulation training devices» or «FSTD» are a cost-effective alternative.