Q: What is the difference between the FOCA dLogbook and capzlog.aero Premium?


We have set up an info page that shows the difference here.

Q: What is the price of the FOCA dLogbook and why are there higher prices on the web site of capzlog.aero?


The FOCA dLogbook costs 30 CHF for 3 years (10 CHF per year, payable every three years). This is charged by the FOCA. After three years, the subscription is prolonged automatically, if not canceled by the user (refer to the FOCA dLogbook Terms of Use). There are no hidden costs or automatic upgrades to other subscriptions.

capzlog.aero Premium offers additional features like currency/recency overview, auto-import from OPS and reservation tools, licence view and rating monitoring, statistics, charts and many more.

To find out whether these additional features are of use to you, activate your free 30 day trial and get to know capzlog.aero Premium. The pricing can be found here.

Q: Do I still need a paper logbook? Can I keep my record in electronic format only? (Pilots with Swiss licence only!)


When you are using capzlog.aero Premium, the FOCA dLogbook or both, you are allowed to keep your record in electronic format only.

Please note that this is not the case for most other software tools, home-built excel sheets or the like. The Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA officially audited and approved the FOCA dLogbook and capzlog.aero Premium builds on top of it.

More information can be found here.

Q: Import my data from other tools?


We do import data from other tools for free in the formats csv/excel for users of capzlog.aero. This service is available for free to users with a capzlog.aero Premium subscription or trial which can be activated under https://capzlog.aero.

You can send the files with flights to for import.

Please note that we have quite some requests at the time being and it therefore takes some time to complete the import.

Q: Does the FOCA have access to my data?


NO! All data is on our servers in Zurich Switzerland and no one can access any of your data at any time, including the FOCA, the SUST and any other organisation or person.

When you activate the FOCA dLogbook, you will be able to send your license requests or logbook extracts electronically to the FOCA. This works similar to an email account: Data is being sent only if you want it to be sent.

In the event of an air accident: If the licensee is unable to release the data due to death, permanent insanity or loss of maturity, capzlog.aero may make the logbook data available upon request of the SUST. (refer to the FOCA dLogbook Terms of Use)